Tuesday, 21 December 2010

In which I confess to neglecting you

I really must offer my apologies for being so dilatory a correspondent. I have been long overdue to make this entry but have struggled to escape the bonds of everyday life for even the sufficient time to write.

I should really report back of the nuptial celebrations of Mr B's cousin. It was all absolutely delightful. Mr B's cousin, as I fully expected, looked radiantly happy and beautiful. And yes, the elegance of her bridal gown almost defies description. Suffice it to say that she looked rather like a goddess of the silver screen in Hollywood's golden age.

When the moment came for me to don my own gown, I was generally satisfied with my appearance, although a short frock like that does rather draw too much attention to the similarities between my own legs and those of a grand piano. Still, enough has been said now of the shortcomings of my shape and thus I shall refrain from further animadversions on my form.

The shoes which I found to accompany the gown were satisfyingly stable in spite of a high heel. It also made me appear a trifle less ridiculous when standing next to or dancing with Mr B, who like the unforgettable Mr Darcy of Miss Bennet's delightful Pride & Prejudice has a 'fine, tall person' (as well as the 'handsome features and noble mien'). We never find out whether Elizabeth is tall or not, but she could easily be much taller than myself without being in any way conspicuous for her height. Thus, if I am wearing low shoes while standing next to Mr B, he appears to be escorting either a dwarf or a baby sister, neither of which is at all soothing to one's self esteem.

I did wonder, as we travelled on the day, whether I hadn't rather pinned too much onto this one social engagement, as we were unlikely to know many of the other guests. We had however a perfectly wonderful evening, the speeches were amusing (I particularly enjoyed the words of Mr B's aunt) and we danced the night through. I can only be thankful that the weather, although cold that day, reserved the worst of its rigours for the following weekend.

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